"I'm a professional actor, and after 30+ years doing dramas and comedies, got cast as a lead in a musical. I'd never sung in public before in any significant way. I went to Jonathan for basic vocal instruction, and to learn my music pre-rehearsal. I highly recommend this gifted, patient, creative teacher. Jonathan listened intently to my needs, asked intelligent and probing questions about my background and experience, then guided me into singing by identifying and building on skills I already had, using vocabulary familiar to me. He is indeed mindful: compassionate, interested in his students' viewpoints, careful in what he says and how he says it. He never made me feel foolish or stupid, despite the fact that I knew little about music. I came away from our first lesson feeling confident that I could hold my own in a cast of experienced, legit musical theater singers. I will continue to study with Jonathan. And I will ABSOLUTELY recommend him to my professional colleagues who want instruction. If I could give Jonathan Flowers ten stars in this review, I would do it. --Mary S., working professional actress

"Jonathan is extremely patient and has the uncanny ability to be so well in-tuned with a young person's music ability.  His extensive professional educational background combined with his natural talents really unmasks a student's talent. His classes involve more than just reading music, from teaching a student calming exercises to singing the notesThe student enjoys the full experience of Music!  Hopefully you are lucky to get on his schedule.   He is booking quickly.  Trust me, you will not regret signing up!" -Julia A., parent of young beginning piano student

“Jonathan Flowers possesses a skill and passion for music and students that is hard to find. He has an impeccable academic background but more importantly he works with every student as an individual and looks to help them reach their fullest potential. My daughter went on to college and grad school to study music and she said that her experience with Mr Flowers made her ready for a serious entry into musicianship. He possesses the unique combination of knowledge and compassion that is perfect for imparting knowledge. You are very lucky if you are able to work with him.”  -Toni B., parent of vocal student

Jonathan has been teaching my 6 year old son piano for over 6 months.  As a piano player myself, I had high expectations for him.  He has exceeded them! After our first complimentary consult, my son was so captivated to learn more, he wanted to go back the next day! Our weekly classes encompass not just piano but the overall music experience. 


"You are one of those very special teachers who make an amazing impact on his student's lives.  I hope my son will emulate you and find a career that is not only a job, but a part of who he is so that he can excel at his work, be happy, and be a positive influence in the world just like you!" --Theresa J., parent of vocal student

     "Mr. Flowers is, without question, an accomplished educator who is dedicated to student growth, academic achievement, and the social and emotional well-being of students. His global perspective on the value and the direction of the educational system is succinctly reduced to meeting the needs of individual students, encouraging and developing independent thinking and a true love of learning.  Uniquely, I have watched as Mr. Flowers has taught two of my own daughters, helping to share their academic path and to nurture their love of music.                  As an experienced educator, Jonathan Flowers has served as a sage to his peers, regardless of their years of experiences, while serving as a mentor to his students.  With a smile and a kind word, supported through his direct style of facing tasks head on, he has been a leader not only in music but throughout the educational community in Cherry Hill. The impact of his educational perspective and his desire for all students to be successful will continue to be felt at Cherry Hill High School West for many years to come." --Dr. Joseph Meloche, Superintendent of Schools, Cherry Hill, NJ

     "Wonderful, thoughtful and experienced teacher! My daughters and I were lucky enough to have Jonathan as a piano teacher over a period of about 6 years.  Both girls greatly increased their skill level during that time.  Jonathan not only teaches piano technique, but also gives a thorough grounding in musicianship, including theory, sight-reading, and pertinent music history.  While now in college and grad school, both of my daughters continue to play, one additionally taught herself guitar, while the other has expanded to play cello, guitar and ukulele in addition to piano.  Jonathan was kind enough to help me as an adult student. His instruction and patience helped me to correct many bad habits I acquired over the years, and helped me to achieve a level of proficiency on the instrument that I never would have thought possible.  I now also teach child and adult piano students.  Jonathan’s coaching and assistance, as well as his attention to all aspects of musical education also enabled me to successfully audition for, and then return to college to complete a bachelor’s degree in music.  If you are looking for a teacher that will give your prospective student a complete as well as an enjoyable musical education, I encourage you to consider Jonathan Flowers as your piano teacher."                                        --Barbara B., former adult student and parent of two students

Jonathan Flowers is the consummate musician and a master teacher.  His philosophy that all students have a unique learning style is evinced by the admiration of his students and his noted musical accomplishments in both the private and public educational forum.  I have been associated with Jonathan Flowers as an educator and professional musician for three decades; his dedication of time to his students is unparalleled whether he is conducting a 100 voice choir, giving private piano and voice instruction or coaching in a collaborative setting.  It is rare that a professional musician of his caliber is equally devoted to teaching, sharing his vast knowledge and musical talent with the thousands of students he has mentored over the years.
----Dr. Barbara Tamburro (educator, professional violinist, clinician, and author of "Great Music for String Orchestra: A Conductor's Guide to Program Development")

Mr. Flowers was one of the first music teachers to believe in me -- working with me not just as a regular student or choir member -- but as a true individual. I remain so grateful for his instruction, his compassion, and the enduring fruits of his sharp musical intellect that have laid the groundwork for my subsequent experience and success in music. I'm presently a senior at Yale University, having recently made my Carnegie Hall debut as a tenor. I currently sing with the Yale Whiffenpoofs, America's oldest collegiate a cappella group, and I know that none of my achievements would even be close to reality if not for Jonathan's (Mr. Flowers') teachings, application of mindfulness and social intelligence in music teaching, and his belief that I *can* accomplish the musical (and personal) aspirations I set for myself.
-- Max Sauberman,  Yale College '17+1, former vocal student